3 Types of Travelers that Use Travel Agencies

Booking a vacation or a business trip is a hassle that many people wish they could outsource to someone else. The good news is that many people can and do hire travel agencies to make their desired accommodations. 

If you are starting a travel agency and are seeking the business of a new group of clients, you will want to be familiar with the types of travelers that could seek out your services.

Here are the top three types of travelers who utilize an agency when planning their next trip.

1. Leisure Travelers

One of the most prominent types of travelers who tend to use travel agencies is those who are taking a trip purely for leisure. They might be traveling to a new destination solo, going with a group, or organizing an annual family vacation. Travelers in this category want the ultimate choices when it comes to convenience. 

You might encounter clients who request:

  • Dining recommendations
  • Access to tourist attractions
  • Prime destination spots, such as on the ocean

Leisure travelers want a trip that they will remember and cherish forever. A travel agency that caters to this type of traveler should pay close attention to what their clients desire, and they will likely earn repeat business for life.

2. Corporate Travelers

Many people are now working in different parts of the world, drawing them away from their home base. Corporate travelers and those who are traveling primarily for business purposes and will often want someone else to plan the details of their trip for them.

They want to get to their destination as quickly as possible with minimal interruption to their workflow. A business traveler has different priorities from a leisure traveler because they do not often have an opportunity to explore fine dining or tourist attractions on their trips.

Instead, they want a quiet place to work with high-speed internet connections. A business traveler will want a travel agency that can reassure them that they will be able to work whenever and wherever they travel. If you can deliver on this promise, then you will have earned their business for subsequent trips.

3. Group Travel 

Whether old friends are getting together for a reunion, or a bride and groom are hosting a destination wedding, group travel often requires the attention to detail that only a travel agency can offer. If you want to earn more group travel business, you must be able to manage many different itineraries at once.

People may be flying from different parts of the world, but they still want to arrive at the same time. There are a lot of logistical nightmares for a travel agency to sort out, but this is why group travel is often booked through an agency.

Get Your Florida Travel Agency License 

If you want to help people plan the trip of their dreams through a travel agency, then you will need to get your Florida travel agency license. This will allow you to help the different types of travelers that you will encounter as an agent.