Pay As You Go Program

Our Pay As You Go program is designed to space out the cost of licensing and business registration over time.  This allows our clients to start the licensing process without paying for the entire cost up front.  We realize that, in most cases, what stops our clients from taking that next step is the up-front expense associated with licensing.  So, we decided to make it easier!  Keep reading below to learn more about our Pay As You Go program.

How does it work?

The program is simple.  Your initial bill will contain only the service fee for your selected product.  In most cases this will be the application processing service fee of $199.  Once received, we begin preparing and compiling the requirements of your particular application. 

Your application will be ready for submission once it has been prepared by us and the underlying requirements (if any) have been satisfied.  We will then bill for the applicable state or licensing authority’s application fee.  The state or licensing authority’s fee is due prior to the application’s submission and varies depending on the application.

Do you charge additional fees for the Pay As You Go program?

No, we don’t charge interest or finance fees for the program.  Its sole purpose is to allow a lower up-front cost to individuals and businesses who are interested in becoming licensed.  This helps our clients space out the payments necessary to obtain a license over time.  The most important part is it allows you to take that first step without coming out of pocket for the entire license cost.

What’s the payment schedule?

The payment schedule is determined by you!  We move at your speed and according to your schedule.  For example:  You can pay the initial license application processing fee one week and then the state fees the next or even several weeks later.  Your application is typically processed and ready for submission within 1-2 business days depending on the application type.  This means you can submit it sooner if you’d like or wait until you’re ready!

Do you take credit cards?

Absolutely!  As a matter of fact, it’s our preferred method of payment.  However, we don’t take cash payments, money orders, or checks.

How do I start?

The first step is completing our online application for your license.  One of our licensing associates will contact you regarding your application and see if you’re ready to move forward.  We’ll then collect the license application processing fee and can start on your application as soon as payment is received.