Travel Agent Licensing – Become a Licensed Agent Today!

Travel Agent Licensing

Do you know that some states require travel agents to get a license before offering their services?  Do you know these states can also assess fines and fees for not having a license?  If your answer is no, you’re not alone.  Learn how we can help whether you’re a large agency looking for a license in all states or a new agent ready to sell travel on your own!  Follow the steps below and we’ll take care of the rest.

STEP 1: Tell us about your business.

Tell us in which states you plan to do business.  For example: States like Florida, California, Washington, and others all require a travel agency license.  Each state law is different but most require a license if you’re advertising to sell travel to that particular state.  This can be true even if your business or customers aren’t located in that state!  Are you advertising trips to Disney World?  If so, Florida requires that you obtain a seller of travel license.  Are you advertising trips to California?  Guess what?  They too require a license for your business!

STEP 2: Gather your information.

Tell us a little more information about your business.  This includes your address, mailing address, phone number and other information which is a requirement for your travel agent licensing application.  The states who require a travel agency license are very particular about this information being 100% accurate.

STEP 3: Sign the application.

Sign your applications and send them to the state department.  Different states have different departments which regulate the travel industry.  Each state requires a different application and most require your original signature.  These documents can be emailed directly to you for review and faster processing.

STEP 4: Get your license!

Travel agent licenses are issued once you meet the state’s requirements.  In some cases, a state may also require you to register your business with the secretary of state.  In others, all you need to do is complete an application. Don’t risk being fined for not having a license.  Let us help you get licensed faster and easier than on your own.  Contact us today and get your license now!