About Us

What We Do

The License Company LLC helps people like you get a license!  While some of our customers are large corporations familiar with the licensing process, the majority of our customers are small business owners looking for their first license.  Whether starting a car dealership, getting a contractors license, or some other occupation requiring a license, we’re here to make the process easier for you.  In many cases this means stopping you from losing valuable time and money trying to figure out the licensing process.

How We Do It

Our solution is an easy one.  We help you get licensed by doing the work for you!  Did you know some states may have up to 20+ different forms of an application depending on your business type?  That’s why we begin by collecting some basic information from you such as name, address, license type, and state.  We then complete your application, send it to you for review, and submit it to the appropriate licensing department.  Once approved, the department issues your license either through mail or electronically.

The process seems easy doesn’t it?  It certainly can be.  However, there’s much more that goes into getting your license approved.  Things like cost, state registration, business incorporation, special forms, insurance and bond requirements, and others that can delay your application if not received by the appropriate licensing department.  Missing or incorrect information can cause delays in your approval which is why we’re here to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Who We Are

The License Company LLC is a family owned business.  We started with the simple goal of making the licensing process easier on our customers.  After years of working with different state departments throughout the country, we decided to offer our help and experience to you.  We feel that the time and money you’ll save by using our services more than outweighs our minimal cost.