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Learn more about contractor licensing

The License Company helps all types of contractors get their license!  We work with you, at your pace, to help make the contractor licensing process easy.  We’re here from start-to-finish to answer your questions about the licensing process, cost, and any others you may have.  Here’s how you can start today!

NOTE:  Please visit our License Research page if you would like more information about a license type and aren’t ready to apply at this time.

STEP 1: What type of contractor are you?

Tell us what type of contractor license you’re looking for.  Are you a general contractor, plumber, or a specialty trade?  This allows us to find the right application for your license.

STEP 2: Tell us about yourself.

Tell us a little information about yourself and your company.  Correct names, addresses, and additional information are all valuable to ensure the fastest turnaround time.  We work with you to gather the information required for your license type.

STEP 3: Sign the application.

It’s time to sign your application now that you’ve provided us with your information.  Most contractor licensing applications will require your original signature.  We can email you the pages needing your signature for a faster turnaround time.

STEP 4: Get your license!

The last step is to get your license!  The licensing authority can issue your license once you’ve met their requirements.  Licenses are often mailed directly to your address or printed electronically and emailed to you.

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Do you know that we can gather most of your information through our online license application?  It’s the easiest way to get started and lets us know what license type you need!

Note: Every license type is different.  Some licenses require additional information such as credit reports and photographs of your business.  The information above gives a basic example of the licensing process only.  For example: A contractor license application will be different than a car dealer application.  Applications also vary from state to state.