6 Ways to Increase Income After Getting a Travel Agent License

You’ve just gotten your Florida travel agency license – what next? Your career as an independent travel agent is sure to provide plenty of opportunities for excitement and personal travel that are unique to this incredible industry. However, you must remember that, at the end of the day, you are running your own independent business. Success as a travel agent hinges on your bottom line.

When it comes to increasing income, some travel agents may draw the obvious connection between lead generation and higher earnings. Yes, it is true that selling more travel packages will bear fruitful results, but taking on more business than you can handle will directly affect your quality of life. Instead, we have explored alternative ways to boost your bottom line without burning the midnight oil. Entrepreneurial success is waiting – just read on to learn now!

Build Your Own Network of Vendors

Many travel agencies are happy to share their preferred vendors with agents who have recently acquired their new Florida travel agent license. Laying that groundwork is a hugely beneficial first step for new agents. However, it is important to establish your own relationships with vendors to determine which ones you most prefer. Every vendor offers different fare structures and products, so acquainting yourself with a specific few will empower you to work more efficiently for your clients and quickly offer travel packages.

Sell Experiences Instead of Vacations

Any travel agent can assist a client with the main components of a vacation. By that, we mean the exotic hotel, relaxing cruise, or whatever it might be. However, those heavy hitting centerpieces don’t cover all the logistics that define a perfect vacation. You can establish yourself as an extraordinary travel agent by going above and beyond for clients. How? Offer to assist with pre- or post-vacation arrangements, such as flights and hotels, and recommend activities during the vacation to flesh out an unforgettable experience.

Better to Specialize in Something

It is impossible to become an expert in every type of travel product available. That is why we don’t recommend attempting to be a Jack of all trades. In doing so, you will master none. Instead, specialize your business by becoming the authority on specific services and products. This will empower you to focus your time, energy, and budget on your specialty of choice, which is sure to make your efforts more efficient. Furthermore, developing a loyal customer base in your chosen field is sure to yield repeat business. Travel agent specialties include common focuses like family trips and ocean cruises, but you can also consider specializing in honeymoons, river cruises, and even golf, just to name a few!

Encourage Referrals

Establishing yourself as an expert in your chosen field will do more than amass a loyal base of repeat customers. Clients who enjoy magnificent vacations thanks to your hard work may recommend your services to friends and family. Keep in mind that word of your services is likely to spread amongst your clients’ social circles, so, in a way, you are always networking with clients as well as vendors, too. For that reason, don’t hesitate to ask your clients for referrals and always include a few extra business cards each time you send them documents.

Book in Groups Rather Than Individually

Working with individual clients to book their perfect vacation is certainly satisfying, though it isn’t the most efficient way to optimize your bottom line. Instead, consider working with clients in batches. You can plan one basic trip for a group, then add multiple clients to the itinerary. This benefits your travel agency in more than one way. First, you will save yourself time on planning, which can be spent elsewhere to generate more income. Second, your commission multiplies with each client added to a group plan. Third (and finally), each additional client becomes a potential repeat customer for future business or source of referrals.

Don’t Ask for a Service Fee – Earn It

Think of a travel agent’s service fee as a tip for premier services that are exclusive to their agency. When clients know they are getting high-end treatment from an agent that cares, they are more likely to pay a comparable service fee. In order to be worth a service fee, you must create extra value for your clients. Find your own answers to the following questions, then implement them in your agency:

  • What do you provide that clients can’t get anywhere else?
  • What measures do you take to ensure a flawless experience for clients?

By following these simple tips, you can turn your Florida travel agency license into a profitable venture into entrepreneurship! Success as a travel agent does not need to come at the cost of your own quality of life. Are you ready to start your own travel agency? Give The License Company a call today! We can help, whether you’re a large agency interested in getting licensed in every state, or a new agent ready to sell travel privately.