ARC Verified Travel Consultant Application

Start your ARC Verified Travel Consultant Application Today!

Do you want help registering your travel agency with ARC? ARC offers their Verified Travel Consultant (VTC) program in lieu of the full accreditation process. It’s much less expensive and still allows you to obtain the coveted ARC number. The major difference is that you cannot issue airline tickets in-house with the VTC designation as you can with full ARC accreditation. Here’s how we can help:

  • We start by gathering some basic information about you and your company by using the application below. Don’t have a company yet? No problem! We can help you set it up too!
  • Next we prepare your application and assist you with meeting its requirements for submission which includes items such as registering your entity with the state, surety bond quotes, dba registration, and more. We also process state seller of travel registrations!
  • Your application and additional documents are then compiled, reviewed, and submitted to the ARC.
  • We then monitor your application with ARC throughout the approval process, report back to you with status changes and updates, and answer any other questions that arise to ensure your application is processed in a timely manner!

Please note that this application is not for the full ARC accreditation. This application is for the ARC Verified Travel Consultant (VTC) application which is much less expensive ($195 as opposed to $2,300). Click here to complete the application for full ARC Accreditation.