Connecticut Business Licenses

The State of Connecticut, along with its many cities and counties, requires many different license types prior to doing business. The most popular license types are those in highly-regulated industries like construction, travel, automotive, and others.

Connecticut business licenses usually ensure an individual or business possesses the proper knowledge within their industry. For example, you would most likely want to make sure a contractor had at least some experience before you let them work on your house. A state or local business license means the individual or business meets all of the requirements in order to obtain it. These requirements range from the proper experience to the proper insurance coverage.

How do I apply for a Connecticut business license?

Applying for a Connecticut business license can be complicated, time consuming, and often confusing. While you can certainly go it alone, you can also use a license application processing service like us to assist you! We make the process fast and easy by doing the work for you. This includes compiling, completing, and submitting your application to the necessary licensing entity. Additionally, we can process your state formation or foreign registration paperwork if required. Learn more about what we do by visiting our What We Do page.

How much does a Connecticut business license cost?

Connecticut business licensing costs vary depending on your license type, business status, and other requirements such as certificates of good standing and surety bonds. Our license application processing fee also varies depending on what services you would like us to perform. However, other factors may apply and the easiest way to determine your cost by completing our application which can be found by clicking on the apply online button.