Florida Travel Agency License Cost

What will your Florida travel agency license cost? We hear that question all of the time! Read below as we break down the cost to become a travel agent in Florida.

How much is the Florida Seller of Travel Application Fee?

The State of Florida charges two different application fees. Your fee depends on the operations of your travel agency. For example: Florida charges a much higher fee if you sell what’s called a “vacation certificate”. Let’s take a closer look at the state application fees charged listed below.

  • $300 – This fee applies to all travel agencies who do not sell vacation certificates.
  • $400 – This fee applies to all travel agencies who sell vacation certificates. The standard application fee of $300 plus and additional fee of $100 is due at the time of submission.
  • $50 – This fee applies to any individual travel agent working as an independent agent for a licensed Florida Seller of Travel. For example: You would owe this fee if you work as an independent agent (1099) for a licensed Florida travel agency. Ultimately, this type of registration applies to you if you’re not an employee of the travel agency for which you work.

As you can see, your state fee is determined by how your business is operated. Most of the confusion centers around the definition of vacation certificates. Additionally, many 1099 travel agents in Florida aren’t aware that they too need to submit an application to the state.

Additional Florida Travel Agency License Costs

In this paragraph, let’s discuss a few of the other license costs. These costs aren’t mentioned on the state application but are required to obtain your travel agency license in Florida.

  • Surety Bond – Florida requires a seller of travel bond to register as a travel agent. These bonds protect your clients from financial harm caused by you or your agency. The cost is determined by your credit score and the surety bond amount required. You should expect to pay $100-$500.
  • Tax Preparation – Florida will ask for your most recent tax returns unless your business is newly created. Your returns are used to determine your seller of travel bond amount. You can expect to pay about $250.

These costs may vary slightly. However, they’re meant to give you a basic idea of your total Florida Travel Agency License cost. You can firm up these numbers by applying for your surety bond and selecting an accounting professional.

What should I expect my all-in license cost to be?

As mentioned above, your seller of travel license cost varies depending on your business. However, we can determine your particular cost based on a few simple questions. Please click here to determine your state application costs.

NOTE: You’ll need to apply with a surety bond insurance agency to receive a surety bond quote.