Florida Agricultural Products Dealer License

Do you need a Florida Agricultural Products Dealer License? Don’t know where to start? Read below to learn more about the license and how we can help!

What’s a Florida Agricultural Products Dealer License?

The Florida Agricultural Products Dealer License allows you to resell certain products. These products include almost every agricultural product grown in Florida. However, citrus, tobacco, and sugarcane aren’t included.

Who needs one?

All resellers of agricultural products bought from Florida producers need a license. Further, anyone doing business in Florida by buying, receiving, soliciting, handling, or negotiating these products also needs a license. Only the following are exempt:

  • Farmers selling products grown by themselves.
  • Dealers who pay for the products with cash, credit, or debit cards.
  • A dealer already licensed under the Federal Packers and Stockyard act.
  • Dealers who buy less than $1000 in products during peak months of the season.

Think you qualify to operate with a Florida Agricultural Products Dealer License? The FDACS can confirm this for you by auditing your records.

Who is the FDACS?

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned a group called FDACS. FDACS stands for Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They’re the state department who regulates agricultural products dealers. This department is responsible for licensing dealers. Additionally, they’re responsible for enforcement actions against them.

How much does a Florida Agricultural Dealer License cost?

You license cost depends on your surety bond amount. However, the number of locations also impacts your annual license fee. For example: Let’s say your bond amount is $6000. Let’s also assume you have 1 location. Your license cost would be $170. In contrast, let’s say you have 2 locations and the same $6000 bond amount. Your license cost would be $270.

Can you help me get licensed?

Yes! We help dealers throughout the licensing process. We’ll take you from start to finish and answer answer any questions along the way. Additionally, we prepare, complete, and submit the application on your behalf. We also assist with state incorporation and help you meet the other application requirements. You can learn more here or, if you’re ready, you can apply online today!