Florida Auctioneer License

Are you a Florida resident interested in holding an auction in Florida? Are you a licensed auctioneer in another state? If so, learn more about the Florida Auctioneer License below.

What’s a Florida Auctioneer License?

A Florida Auctioneer License allows you to hold auctions in the state. You must apply for it, pay an application fee, and show you meet the state requirements by passing an exam. However, there are several ways to meet the requirements which we’ll discuss below.

What are the license requirements?

Florida allows you to meet the requirements in one of three ways:

  • Attend an auction school consisting of no less than 80 hours of instruction.
  • Become an auctioneer’s apprentice by participating in 80 hours of auction sales in 12 months.
  • Hold a valid auctioneer’s license in a reciprocal state.

Of the three items mentioned above, two will require you to pass the state exam. You may skip the exam only if you’re licensed in a reciprocal state.

What’s a reciprocal state?

In the paragraph above, we mentioned a way to skip the state exam. Florida allows you to do this if your state has similar licensing requirements. You can download a list of these states by clicking here. Alternatively, you must take the exam if your state isn’t listed. Pearson Vue administers the auctioneer’s exam. You’ll need to contact them to set an appointment.

How much does a Florida Auctioneer License cost?

The cost of your license depends on how you’re applying for it. For example: Your cost is $444.50 if you’re applying for a new license by apprenticeship or education. Your cost is $230 if you’re applying for the license through reciprocity. Please see “What are the license requirements?” above for more information.

Can you help me apply for my Florida Auctioneer’s License?

Absolutely! Our business is helping people just like yourself obtain state and other professional licenses. We take you from start to final application submission. Additionally, we assist in answering any additional questions from the state. Our goal is to make licensing easy. You can find more about what we do here. Alternatively, you can apply online if you’re ready to start now!