Florida Boxing and MMA Promoter License

Did you know Florida requires a Florida Boxing and MMA Promoter License to legally promote boxing and MMA matches? If not, you may be illegally promoting fights in the state. Learn more about the cost and application process by reading below.

Who needs a Florida Boxing and MMA Promoter License?

All promoters of these types of events need a license. However, the match must first be approved by The Florida State Boxing Commission. The commission regulates all boxing, MMA, and kickboxing events in the state. Additionally, all participants must also get a license before engaging in the match. As you can see, Florida regulates these matches heavily.

How much does the license cost?

A Florida Boxing and MMA Promoter License costs $250. However, multiple licenses may be required. For example: If you’re an individual, you’ll need to submit only one application in your individual name. Alternatively, if you’re licensing a business, you’ll need to submit multiple applications. Florida requires each officer, partner, and member to get separate licenses. Additionally, you must file a separate application for each sport you wish to promote.

What am I responsible for as a fight promoter?

You’re responsible for quite a bit! Some of your responsibilities include the following:

  • Scheduling the fight with the boxing commission;
  • Weigh-in;
  • Insurance coverage; and
  • Ensuring attendance by all participants.

However, you’re also in charge of other items which can be found here.

Am I required to post a surety bond?

Yes, you must post a surety bond to the commission before your license is issued. The bond amount needed is $15,000. It must be in place while your license is active. Additionally, your bond can’t be cancelled until 90 days after your most recent event.

Can you help me get a Florida Boxing and MMA Promoter License?

Absolutely! In fact, we help people and businesses get their licenses all of the time! We try to make the licensing process easy by doing the hard work for you. Learn more about what we do here or apply online today!