Florida Certified Contractors License

Do you know that Florida has two different contractor license types? That’s right! Florida’s DBPR offers a certified contractors license and a registered contractors license. Read below to learn more about the Florida Certified Contractors License. Otherwise, click here to learn about the Registered Contractors License.

What’s a Florida Certified Contractor License?

Certified contractor licenses are the highest class of construction licenses in Florida. The license holder passed the state exam in their specific field. Additionally, these contractors meet the various other requirements of the state application process. This includes background checks, insurance and bonding, and much more. Listed below are the license types Florida offers for certified licenses:

Air ConditioningBuilding
GeneralGlass & Glazing
Pollutant Storage SystemPool & Spa
Sheet MetalSolar
SpecialtyUnderground Utility &

The license types mentioned above are all considered certified license types. However, these same license types can also fall under a registered contractor license. You may recall from the paragraph above that the primary difference between the two licenses is that the certified contractor has passed the state construction exam. Additionally, registered contractors may only work within their county, city, or other municipality in which they obtained a local code competency card. In contrast, a certified contractor can work throughout the State of Florida.

How much does a Florida certified contractors license cost?

Your certified license cost depends on your business structure. For example: Are you active military or a veteran? Will you be financially responsible for the company? Are you applying in an odd or even year? Your answers to these questions will impact the total cost of your license. However, you can expect to pay between $109 to $249 in state application fees. Please contact us if you’d like a cost breakdown of state fees for your license.

Can The License Company help with my application?

Yes, we’ve helped many contractors obtain their certified construction license. First, you need to register for and pass the state exam in your chosen field. Then you can apply with us online and we’ll do the work for you. Unfortunately, we can’t take the test on your behalf but we do almost everything else! Additionally, you can learn more about what we do by clicking here.