Florida Commercial Pool Contractor License

The Florida Commercial Pool Contractor License is necessary if you want to work on construct, repair, and service pools located in hotels, resorts, and communities. Due to Florida’s tourism economy, this license type is very popular. Additionally, with new communities popping up around the state, this license will allow you to install those community pools that are so popular with residents! Learn more about the commercial pool license below.

How do I get my Florida Commercial Pool Contractor License?

As with most Florida Contractor Licenses, there are a few mandatory requirements for this particular license type. We’ve compiled the list below for your reference.

  • Application fee – You must pay the required state application fee. This fee varies depending on when your application is sent to the DBPR.
  • DBPR credit reports – These reports are different from your normal free credit reports from the popular online websites. The DBPR will reject your application if you don’t provide the correct reports in the required format.
  • Experience – You must meet the 4 year experience requirement. You can accomplish this through a combination or work experience, schooling, or military duty.
  • Age requirement – In order for you to apply, you must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Insurance – The appropriate insurance must be obtained which is general liability and workers compensation.
  • A completed application.

There are a few exceptions to the requirements above such as the workers compensation insurance waiver the requirements listed are mandatory.

How long does it take to get licensed?

That depends on a number of factors. The first is the current workload of the DBPR. The more applications they have, the longer the processing time. The second and most timely factor is whether you did the following:

  • Completed the correct application; and
  • Provided all of the information required for your application.

Very rarely is a Florida Commercial Pool Contractor application approved the first time without the use of a license application processing service. These services greatly increase the likelihood of your application’s approval upon its initial submission.

How do I get started with The License Company?

Would you like help with your Florida Commercial Pool Contractor License? If so, you’re making the right decision. The License Company will see your application from start to finish while updating you along the way. We’ll prepare, complete, and submit your application while assisting you in obtaining the necessary reports and information it requires. If you’re ready to start, please click on the button below to complete our questionnaire.