Florida Electrical Contractor License

Are you an in state electrician? Perhaps you’re an out of state electrician looking to work in Florida? Learn more about the Florida Electrical Contractor License below.

Who needs a Florida Electrical Contractor License?

Florida requires that all electricians opening their own business be licensed on the state level. However, they don’t require individual electricians working for a licensed electrical contractor to be licensed. In other words, you’ll need a license if you intend to qualify an electric company. Sounds a little confusing right? Let’s look at an example: You work for ABC Electric as an apprentice or journeyman. In this case, you’re not required to have a Florida Certified Electrician’s License by the state. However, if you started your own electric contracting company, you would then need to obtain the state license. This is because you’re qualifying a business with your license. In the previous example, you’re working for a company already qualified by a licensed electrician.

NOTE: The example above applies only to Florida state licensing. Different city and county rules may apply depending on your location. Additionally, you may also need a Florida Registered Contractors license if you want to work in certain locations only.

Florida Electrical Contractor License Types

There are four main Florida Electrical Contractor License types. They are:

  • Alarm I – Alarm system contractor including fire alarms.
  • Alarm II – Alarm system contractor excluding fire alarms.
  • Electrical – This is an unlimited electrical contractor license.
  • Specialty – Electrical specialty contractors include utility lines, electrical signs, lighting maintenance, residential, two way radio communication, and limited energy systems under 98 volts.

As you can see from the previous paragraph, there’s quite a bit to consider. There’s also the question of if you’d like to work all over the state or in certain cities and towns.

Do I need a registered or certified electrician’s license?

We previously mentioned the registered license in the note above. Florida has many contractor license types. For example: There’s a GC license, electrical license, and many others. However, each license type often has two categories. These are certified and registered. In summary, the main difference is one license allows you to work throughout the state and the other allows you to work in limited locations. These locations often make you get what’s called a competency card prior to pulling a permit.

Can you help me get a Florida Electrical Contractor License?

Yes! We help all kinds of contractors obtain their licenses throughout the country. Our fee is $399 which is exclusive of state or other third party fees. Apply online now to get a customized quote for your license.