Florida Plumbing License

Do you want to know how to get a Florida plumbing license? Are you looking to qualify another business with your license? Learn about the costs, application process, and more below.

Who needs a Florida plumbing license?

All plumbing contractors working within the state need a Florida plumbing license. It’s required to legally contract for plumbing projects in Florida. This means you could be breaking the law if you’re working without a license.

What types of Florida plumbing licenses are available?

You can register as a certified or registered contractor in Florida. They sound similar but are very different. Let’s talk about the similarities first. Both license types require the following information:

  • You must apply and register with the DBPR;
  • A FICO credit report from an approved agency;
  • Electronic fingerprints; and
  • Proof of lien satisfaction and bankruptcy discharge.

Registered plumbing licenses require a copy of your local competency card. This shows that you’ve met your local requirements for plumbing in your area. Certified plumbing licenses don’t require the card mentioned earlier. However, you must pass the state exam before applying for a certified license.

Both license types mentioned above may require surety bonds. Bonds are required if you’re credit score is below 660. Additionally, you may need to provide a financially responsible officer bond.

How much will your Florida plumbing license cost?

Your license cost depends on a few factors. The first factor is whether you want a certified or registered license. The second factor is the date of your application. Florida charges between $149 and $309 depending on when you apply for your license. A detailed cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Certified licenses range between $149 and $249.
  • Registered licenses range between $209 and $309.

Other costs such as credit reports, fingerprinting, bonds, and insurance add to the total license cost as well. Your total cost ultimately depends on your specific situation. In some cases, you can obtain your license for under $500. In others, it can cost much more. This is especially true if you’re opening a brand new business or qualifying an additional entity.

How long will it take to get my Florida plumbing license?

We can prepare and submit your application to the state within 48 hours in most cases. However, the state may take up to four weeks to review and approve it. Their processing time depends how many applications they’re currently reviewing. Additionally, delays may be caused by inaccurate or missing information. The most common mistake made is not listing prior convictions or incomplete/missing information. The DBPR is very particular that the correct application is used and the information is completed properly.

What application should I use for my plumbing license?

Florida lists more than 20 different application types on its website. The correct one depends on your situation. For example: Are you applying as an individual? Are you certified or registered? Do you want to use an FRO? These are just a few of the important questions which will determine the correct application.

How much does it cost for The License Company to handle my application?

Our fee is $199 plus state and third party fees such as credit reports, surety bonds, and fingerprinting. We can also assist with the incorporation of your business if needed. While we can’t guarantee faster processing by the state, we can say that our approval rate is much higher than those going it alone. This helps you get licensed faster, easier, and cheaper than using an attorney or other 3rd party licensing service.

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