Florida Talent Agency License

Do you want to represent artists in Florida? If so, you need a talent agency license. Learn more about the Florida Talent Agency License cost and process below.

Who needs a Florida Talent Agency License?

The short answer is anyone representing talent in Florida. Talent includes artists, actors, models, and similar roles. The most common example of a talent agent is someone who books talent for a fee. For example: A Hollywood agent would be considered a talent agent in Florida.

How much does a Florida Talent Agency License Cost?

As mentioned above, talent agents and agencies must register with the state. This includes completing and submitting an application to the FLDBPR. Additionally, Florida charges an application fee. This fee varies depending on when you send the application to the state. For example: The application fee is $705 if sent between June 1 of an even year and May 30 of an odd year. However, the fee decreases to $505 if sent between May 31 of an odd year and May 31 of an even year.

How do I apply for my license?

There are two ways to apply for your license. The first is to use a professional licensing company. These companies assist you throughout the application process. They provide benefits such as streamlining the process through proper completion of the app. In addition, they help you comply with the other requirements such as surety bonds, forms, and other documentation. In most cases, this results in faster license issuance. Please note that we have no control over the time it takes the DBPR to process your application.

The second option is to do it by yourself. While this option works for some, it often delays the issuance of your license. The state will reject your application if any of the required items are missing, Additionally, they require specific fingerprinting, affidavits, and work experience forms. It’s easy to make mistakes when going it alone which is why most use a professional licensing company.

Can you help with my Florida Talent Agency License?

Yes! The License Company assists many people in getting their professional licenses each day. We take you from start to final application decision. This includes completing the application on your behalf, obtaining surety bond quotes, and assisting you in completing the numerous other requirements. Learn more about what we do here or, if you’re ready, apply online and get started today!