Florida Yacht Broker License

Did you know that you need a license to sell boats of 32 feet in Florida? That’s because it’s considered a yacht by state statute. Learn more about the Florida Yacht Broker License by reading the information below.

Who needs a Florida Yacht Broker License?

Florida defines a “Yacht” as any vessel in the water exceeding 32 feet. Additionally, this includes vessels powered by wind and/or motors. The previous definition comes with a few exceptions, however. These exceptions are selling your own yacht, attorneys, new yacht sales, receivers, and foreclosures.

Do I need a Yacht Broker License or a Florida Yacht Salesmen License?

Ah, which comes first? The chicken or the egg? Unfortunately, Florida requires that all salesmen be licensed and work for a licensed broker. However, you can’t get a Florida Yacht Broker License unless you’ve been a yacht salesmen for two consecutive years. So, you’ll need to first become a salesperson if you wish to open your own brokerage.

How much does each license cost?

We mentioned above that there are two license types. However, both licenses cost the same. That’s right. The cost for a yacht salesmen license is the same as the yacht broker license. Each of these licenses will cost you $551. Additionally, you can add another brokerage location for $100.

What else do I need for my Yacht Broker and Salesmen license?

In addition to the state fee, you’ll need a few other items. For example: You’ll need to provide fingerprints, a completed application, and a surety bond. However, the surety bond amounts aren’t the same. The Florida Yacht Salesmen License requires a $10,000 bond while the Yacht Broker License requires a $25,000 bond. You can find the price of your bond by applying here.

Do you need help applying for your license?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you apply for your license with the DFCTMH. Yacht broker licenses fall under their supervision. In most cases, we can help you apply for and obtain your license faster and easier than going it alone. In fact, many of our clients have already started the process when they come to us for help. Learn more about what we do or apply online today!