Hawaii Travel Agency License

Did you know that Hawaii requires each travel agency to register before selling or advertising to sell travel in the state? Are you a travel agent offering travel-related services to Hawaii or its residents? If so, read on to learn more about the Hawaii Travel Agency License including its costs and how to apply.

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Who needs a Hawaii Travel Agency License?

Individuals and businesses offering or advertising for travel-related services must register with the State of Hawaii. This is true for businesses with a physical location in Hawaii and, in most cases, for businesses without a physical location in Hawaii. Most states, including Hawaii, have very broad travel laws which ultimately require registration of all travel agents advertising to the citizens of a particular state.

How much does a Hawaii Travel Agency License cost?

The cost varies depending on a few items. The first is whether your business is physically located in the state. If not, you’ll need to first register with the Business Registration Division. This registration is in addition to your travel agency registration. The next item is the year in which you’re applying. The fee for an even-year registration is $215 while an odd-year registration is $146. All Hawaii Travel Agency Licenses must be renewed by December 31 of every odd-numbered year. This is true regardless of your initial registration date.

Do I need to include any additional items with my application?

Yes, Hawaii has a few other requirements when registering as a seller of travel. The first, and hardest to obtain for foreign entities, is the client trust account. This is a bank account which can only be established with a bank located in the state. That’s right. You must either find a bank with a Hawaiian location or physically open a bank account while in Hawaii. Some say it’s a great excuse to visit the islands! Don’t want to fly to Hawaii? Don’t worry! An alternate solution may be available to you depending on your business type.

The last major item is a file-stamped copy of your business registration. All businesses, domestic or foreign, must register with Hawaii’s BREG prior to applying for a Hawaii Travel Agency License. If your business is currently registered with the state, you can then provide a certificate of good standing instead of the file stamped copy.

Hawaii Travel Agency License Contact Information

The entity which regulates Hawaii Travel Agency Licenses is:

Travel Agency Program
CDDA, PVL Licensing Branch
PO Box 3469
Honolulu, HI 96801