How Does It Work?

How Does it Work?

We offer many licensing related services but most fall into a three different phases.  These three phases are the information gathering phase, the information processing phase, and the reporting phase.  Each one is explained in detail below.

The Information Gathering Phase

This is the first phase of service we offer.  We gather information about the service you need, the license types related to the service, and the scope of work.  It starts with finding out what you want us to do.  Are you in need of license?  Do you want us to do the research for you?  Would you like use to guide you through the license application process?  Do you want us to verify that you are, in fact, licensed?

After we determine how we can help you we gather information about you, your business, and license type.  This information helps us determine what application you may need and which licensing authority we’ll need to speak with.  In some cases, there may be multiple licenses you’d like to apply for, research, or verify.  We then move to the information processing phase which we discuss in the next section.

The Information Processing Phase

The information processing phase of our services is when we really get to work on your behalf.  We take the information we’ve learned in the previous phase and begin compiling a package of information related to what you’ve asked us to do.  In this stage we contact state departments, compile and complete applications and other forms, and obtain other important information regarding your request.  We keep you up-to-date on the status of our progress until we reach the last of three phases.  In some cases, we’ll need to contact you for signatures on various forms or applications required by a licensing department or other authority.

The Reporting Phase

This reporting phase is when we report back our final results to you.  This often includes providing you with a customized information packet relating to your requested service.  For example:  Your packet may include various state applications, forms, and other information if you’ve asked us to assist with license application processing.  It may include a listing of requirements for your license type by local, state, and federal governments.  If you’ve asked us to verify a license or licenses, your packet will include the licensing authority’s contact information, license expiration date, license effective date, and other helpful information.

What Happens Next?

It depends on the results of your report!  No further action may be needed if your license has been approved or if we’ve verified that all of your licenses are in force.  However, if additional items or explanations of items listed on your application are needed, we’ve determined that a license has expired, or you decide to utilized our licensing application services after we’ve done the research for you, we’ll discuss the best way to move forward.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Apply now using our helpful online license application or contact one our licensing associates to learn more about how we can help you!  For faster service please email us here.  However, you’re more than welcome to give us a ring or reach out to us via chat.