License Application Processing

License Application Processing

One of our most popular services is license application processing.  The License Company assists all types of customers with their applications including individuals, small businesses, and large corporations/companies.  From local business licenses to those required by states and the Federal government, we make the process easier and more efficient for our clients.  Read below to see how we can help you get your license today!

How does it work?

The License Company makes getting a license simple by saving you time and money!  We start by gathering the basics about the license holder which is normally you, as an individual, or your company.  The basics include the prospective license holder’s name, address, and license type.  We then work with you and the licensing authority (typically a local, state, or federal government) to determine the appropriate application needed for you license.  We’ll collect the information needed as requested by the licensing authority, compile it with your application, and forward the application on your behalf.  We then work with you on any requested follow up items until a final determination is made on your application.

What license types do you help with?

No license application processing request is to small or too large!  We help businesses with their local city registrations all the way up to large, multi-state licensing needs.  Regardless of the number of licenses you need we can help!

How much does it cost?

Your cost will vary depending on your license type and number or licenses needed.  For example:  Most cities require an occupational business license.  Our fee for this license type begins at $99 per occupational license needed.  However, many state and federal license types are much more complicated and labor intensive.  Our fee for these types of licenses generally begin at $199 and higher.  Please note that our fees aren’t inclusive of any fees charged by local, state, or federal licensing authorities.

How long does it take to get licensed?

We’d love to tell you that licenses are issued instantly but that’s not the case in most instances.  The different licensing authorities vary in the time it takes to process your license.  Some can be as quick as a few hours while others can take up to a few weeks to make their final decision on your application.  Our goal is to let you focus on building your business while we take care of the license application processing for you.  You’ll save hours of time often wasted on researching your license, finding the application, and completing it by letting us do the work!

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