How to Get a Florida Construction License

How to get a Florida Construction License

There are two classes of Florida construction licenses: Registered and Certified.  You’ll need to decide which license is best for you and your business.  The primary difference between the two is that the certified license requires you to take the state exam.  You won’t need to take the state exam for a registered construction license but you may have to pass a local code test.  The local code test requirement varies by the city or county in which you’re working.  Learn more about the cost and time to get a Florida construction license below.

How much does it cost to get a Florida Construction License?

Your Florida construction license cost depends on a few things.  Are you applying for a certified or registered license?  Both licenses require an application fee of between $200 and $310.  However, you’ll need to budget an additional $200-300 for your exam fee if you’re going for the certified license.  Additional fees such as the cost of credit reports, fingerprints, bonds, and insurance also apply to both license types.

How long does it take to get a Florida Construction License?

The processing time for your license depends on how quickly you can assemble the required information.  Additionally, your license may be subject to review by the CILB.  The CILB meets monthly with the exception of December.  Construction licenses subject to board review are reviewed during their monthly meetings.

Submitting the wrong application type, an incomplete application, or incorrect information can seriously delay approval of your license.  We strongly suggest learning about our application preparation services if you’re unsure about the process.  You can go it alone but any deficiencies may cause lengthy delays.

Can you help me get my Florida Construction License?

Yes!  The License Company assists all types of new contractors in Florida.  We can help whether you’re a new contractor or looking to qualify another business with your existing license.  Start by clicking “Apply Online” at the top of your browser.  We’ll collect some basic information and contact you to begin the application process.  It’s a fast, efficient process that puts you well on your way to becoming licensed.