How to get an Oregon Contractor License

Are you a contractor located in Oregon or interested in becoming one? If so, you most likely need an Oregon contractor license! Learn more about the cost, process, and the time it takes to get your license by reading below.

Who needs an Oregon Contractor License?

The State of Oregon generally requires you to get a contractor license if you make money from construction within the state. This applies to most trades including general and residential contractors, plumbers, and many other industry trades. Now, let’s look at who can qualify for an Oregon contractor license.

Who qualifies for an Oregon Construction License?

In order to qualify for an Oregon contractor license, you must:

  • You must be 18 years of age;
  • In certain cases, you must have previous construction experience;
  • Criminal convictions may be a cause for denial depending on the charge;
  • Certain unpaid construction debts may also be grounds for denial.

Now that you know who qualifies for licensure, let’s talk about how to get one!

How do I get my construction license in Oregon?

Obtaining a construction license in Oregon is often confusing. In order to apply for your license, we must consider several items. We list those items below for your convenience:

  • First – You must set up a business within the State of Oregon.
  • Second – If a requirement, you may need to identify a responsible managing individual or RMI. The RMI needs to pass a test and complete 16 hours of training.
  • Third – Decide which type of Oregon construction license you want/need. The types of building structure and work will determine the license type.
  • Fourth – Determine the correct license endorsement. Endorsements range from residential contractors and developers to commercial contractors along with many other available endorsements.
  • Fifth – Will your business have employees? If so, you must obtain an FEIN and BIN.
  • Sixth – Does your business need insurance? Yes! Oregon requires your business to obtain different types of business insurance such as workers compensation and general liability.
  • Seventh – Your business must provide a surety bond to benefit the Oregon Construction Contractors Board.
  • Finally – The state requires a completed application along with the appropriate state fee $325.

As you can see, the licensing process is lengthy and often confusing. This is why many applicants choose to use a license application processing company like The License Company.

How can The License Company help me get licensed?

The License Company helps individuals and businesses just like yours get licensed every day. We make the licensing process fast and easy and often much cheaper than going it alone. Our license application processors will guide you throughout the entire application process. This includes assisting you with satisfying all of the license application requirements to ensure your Oregon contractor license application has the best opportunity for approval. Our fee is $399 plus state and third party fees such as insurance and surety bonds. Are you ready? Click on the Apply Online button below and let’s get started today!