Texas Car Dealer License

Do you want to open a car dealership in Texas? Do you sell more than 5 vehicles per year titled in your name? How about 1 or more vehicles not titled in your name? If so, learn more about the Texas car dealer license types, cost, and how to apply below.

Types of Texas Car Dealer Licenses

There are many types of Texas car dealer licenses. Additionally, some license types like the GDN have different subsets of licenses underneath them. Listed below are the 8 main Texas car dealer license types:

  • Converter – Adds or modifies vehicles prior to retail sale
  • Franchise – New vehicle sales
  • Independent (GDN) – Used car sales
  • In-Transit – Transfer and delivery of vehicles
  • Leasing – Allows you to operate as a leasing agent
  • Manufacturer – New car assembly
  • Distributor – New motor vehicle sales to franchise dealers
  • Salvage Dealer – Repairing, buying, or selling more than 5 salvage vehicles

As you can see, there are many license types to choose from. However, the most popular type is the Independent Car Dealer License. This license allows you to purchase vehicles from the auction for resale.

How much is the state application fee?

The state application fee depends on the license type needed. For example: The Leasing and Converter licenses both cost $750. On the other hand, the Independent (GDN) license is $700 for EACH license category. You can learn more about the Independent (GDN) license categories here.

How long is my Texas Car Dealer License good for?

In most cases, each license is issued for a two year term. Additionally, renewal terms also last two years. However, it’s important to remember that the state can revoke a license at anytime.

Can you help me get a Texas Dealer License?

Yes! We’re a full service professional licensing company. We’ll take you from the beginning of your application all the way through to the final decision by the TXDMV. Learn more about what we do by clicking here or apply online now!