Why Use A License Company?

Why Use A License Company?

There are many reasons why you should use a license company.  We’ll expand on a few the most important ones below.  Hopefully after reading about our services you’ll find yourself asking, “Why wouldn’t I use The License Company?

We Save You Time

We’ll save you time whether you’re applying for a new license, want information on a new license, or need to verify that a vendor’s license is in place.  Licensing and it’s related services is time consuming.  This is especially true if you’re applying for a new license or researching a license’s requirements.    We understand that many of you are also busy with other more important tasks whether it be a current job, a new business startup, or your normal daily workload.  The License Company lets you focus your time on those more important tasks while we take care of the administrative work.

We Save You Money

Our services are inexpensive when compared to our competitors. They’re also inexpensive when compared to the amount of time you may spend on licensing services.  We hear a lot about the cost of a person’s time these days.  How much is it?  How do you value it?  There are several ways to calculate it but ultimately your goal is find a per hour wage.  The average time for an individual to complete an application and receive a license often ranges 20, 30, or even up to 40 hours of work!  This time varies depending on the experience of the applicant and license type but let’s assume it takes 30 hours for you to complete an application.  Let’s also assume that you expect to earn $20 per hour once licensed.  That means the cost of researching, applying, and obtaining a license on your own can cost you anywhere from $400 – $800!  Now think about how much money you could lose by going it on your own if your hourly wage is higher than $20 per hour…

License research and license verification take a smaller amount of time to complete but can also result in significant amount of time and lost revenue.  Again, think about how much time and effort it takes to research a new license or verify a current license?  Our licensing representatives will be able to perform the research cheaper, faster, and more efficiently.

We Provide Results

Did you know your success rate of obtaining a license increases when you use a professional licensing company?  We work with the licensing entity on your behalf to ensure a better success rate in a faster time period.  We seek to resolve issues before they arise and handle efficiently and effectively the few that do.  Our goal is to provide you with incredible service so you can concentrate on what you do best.