Virginia Contractor Licensing Guide

Do you want to know more about Virginia Contractor Licensing?  If so, you came to the right place!  We know the licensing process can be confusing.  Read more below to learn about Virginia Contractor Licensing and how we can help you get licensed today!

What types of Virginia Contractor Licenses are there?

The State of Virginia has three main construction license classes.  These classes are:

  • Class A – This class of license applies to businesses performing single contracts in excess of $120,000 or a total of $750,000 in projects during a twelve-month period.
  • Class B – This construction license class applies to businesses performed single contracts between $10,000 and $120,000.  Additionally, this class also applies to your company if the total amount of construction performed during a twelve-month period is more than $120,000 but less than $750,000.
  • Class C – The final construction license class applies to those Virginia contractors who perform projects in excess of $1,000 but less than $10,000.  Additionally, this class of license is for contractors who perform up to a maximum of $150,000 of work in a twelve-month period only.

As you read above, the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) defines licenses classes based on contract values.  However, our Virginia Contractor Licensing Guide continues below by listing the various contract license classifications.

What are the different Virginia Contractor License Classifications?

In short, there are a ton of construction license classifications for which your business can apply.  Here’s how it works: Your business applies for one of the license classes mentioned above then associates one or more of the following license classifications or specialty designations to that particular license class. 

Applicants must hold a Certification for the following classification and/or specialty:

BEC Blast/explosiveSPR Fire sprinklerMHC Manufactured home contracting RMC Radon mitigation

Applicants must hold a valid license issued from DPOR for the following designation:

ADS Alternative Disposal SystemASB AsbestosASC Accessibility Services
ASL Accessibility Services with LULACDS Conventional Disposal SystemELE Electrical
EEC Elevator/escalatorGFC Gas fittingHVA HVAC
LAC Lead abatementLPG Liquefied petroleum gasNGF Natural gas fitting provider
PLB PlumbingWWP Water well/pump 

* Applicants are required to be pre-approved and pass an examination for the following classification and/or specialty:

AES Alternative energy systemsPAV Asphalt paving & seal coatingBSC Billboard/sign
CBC Commercial BuildingCIC Commercial improvementCEM Concrete
DLR Drug, Lab, RemediationDRY Drywall CompanyESC Electronic/communication service
EMW Environmental monitoring wellENV Environmental specialtiesEMC Equipment/machinery
FIC Farm improvementFIN Finish Carpentry ContractingFAS Fire alarm systems
FSP Fire suppressionFLR Flooring & Floor Covering ContractingFRM Framing Sub Contractor
H/H Highway/heavyHIC Home ImprovementIBC Industrial building contracting
ISC Landscape irrigationLSC Landscape servicesMCC Marine facility
BRK MasonryPTC Painting & wall coveringRBC Residential Building
REF RefrigerationRFC Recreational facilityROC Roofing
POL Swimming pool constructionVCC Vessel constructionGLZ Glass & Glazing Contracting
INS Insulation & Weather Stripping ContractingSTL Steel Erection ContractingTMC Tile, Marble, Ceramic & Terrazzo Contracting
UUC Underground Utility & Excavating Contracting  

* All qualified individuals must submit an Experience Verification Form for these designations.

MSC Miscellaneous Contracting

Sounds confusing, right?  But wait, there’s more!  Some of those Virginia construction license classifications listed above require a license or certification even before obtaining the license!  Other license types simply require the proper amount of experience and passing the necessary examinations.  Our Virginia Contractor License Guide expands on the additional license requirements in the sections below.

What are the additional Virginia Contractor License Requirements?

The simple answer is that your particular license requirements depend on the type of license for which you’re applying.  However, there are several general items which you’ll need to address for most Virginia license classes.

  • You must register your business with the State of Virginia.
  • You’ll need to designate a qualifying individual.  This person is someone who has the required trade knowledge and experience.
  • A designated employee must be identified who must pass a two or more examinations depending on the license class with the exception of Class C applicants.
  • The business will need to meet certain financial requirements or provide a surety bond for Virginia Construction License Classes A and B only.  In most cases, providing a surety bond is much faster and easier.
  • Pay the appropriate application fee which ranges from $210 to $385 depending on your license class.

How can The License Company help get my Virginia Contractor License?

We’re a license application processing company and so much more!  We help you from start to finish throughout your license application.  Whether it’s forming your business or preparing, completing, and submitting your construction application on your behalf.  The License Company has helped thousands of companies obtain their state licenses and professional designations.  Find out how we can help you by applying online or scheduling and introductory phone call today!

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