Washington Travel Agency License Cost

Are you looking to start a travel agency in Washington? Are you an existing travel agency looking to comply with Washington’s seller of travel laws? If so, read on to learn more about the Washington travel agency license cost.

What’s the Washington State Sellers of Travel application fee?

Washington State charges an application fee of $202. This fee is for the Sellers of Travel Addendum and charged for each location in the state. However, there are other state fees which we’ll discuss below.

Additional State Fees

Washington travel agencies should also expect to pay additional state fees. One of these fees is the Business License Application fee. This fee is a non-refundable $19 paid to the WA Department of Revenue. Additionally, there’s a $5 fee for each DBA you’d like to register.

City Fees for In-State Travel Agency Locations

In addition to the state fees above, you may have to pay city fees. City fees are charged when your business is located within a certain city. These fees may also apply if you “do business” in a city but don’t have a physical location in that city. These fees are variable and a listing can be found here.

NOTE: Each city, county, and state may have different ideas of “doing business”. For example: You may be “doing business” in a city if you regularly hold sales presentations there. This may be true even if your physical location isn’t located within the city’s limits. Unfortunately, we can’t provide legal advice concerning nexus.

For the most part, city fees are relative to businesses located within those city limits. Locations can include a home used as an office or other building.

Other Fees

Unlike those fees mentioned above, this paragraph will discuss additional fees not charged by the state. Instead, these fees may be optional or vary depending on your business. For example: You may need to provide a surety bond, incorporate your business, or subject to insurance requirements. Here’s a list of other fees you may incur:

Total Washington Travel Agency License Cost

Are you looking for a better estimate for your Washington Travel Agency License cost? If so, complete our Washington Seller of Travel Licensing Services application and receive a no-obligation quote customized for your travel agency.