What Does Grandfathering Mean for Your Construction License?

In 2012, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill into effect that extended the time period during which registered contractor licensees could receive a statewide certified Florida contractor license through a grandfathering process until November 2015. As of July 2021, grandfathering is effective in Florida again. Registered licenses only grant the ability to work in the county that issued the license, whereas statewide certified licenses issued by the state of Florida allow contractors to work anywhere in the state. To learn more about the grandfathering process, just read on.

What is Grandfathering of a Registered Contractor’s License?

The grandfathering process allows a currently registered contractor to apply for and receive a statewide certified contractor license in their same category of licensure without requiring the state’s contractor examination, as long as the contractor meets specific criteria laid forth in Florida Statute 489.514. Grandfathering makes it more convenient for contractors to qualify for work anywhere in the state without taking the state exam.

What Are the Requirements to be Grandfathered?

If registered contractors meet the following criteria, they can apply for and receive their statewide certified contractor license. We go into greater detail below.

  • Hold a current and valid state-registered license in one of the contractor categories defined in Section 489.505 of the Florida Statutes, which include general contractor, building contractor, residential contractor, roofing contractor, air conditioning contractor, and more. Review Section 489.505 to see every category that qualifies for grandfathering.
  • Have passed a written, proctored examination for that respective contractor category that the board finds to be substantially similar to the examination required to be licensed as a certified contractor.
  • Have at least 5 years of active, state-registered experience as a contractor in your respective category, or as an inspector or building administrator with oversight in that category.
  • Your contractor license has not been revoked at any time, has not been suspended in the last 5 years, and you have not been assessed a fine of more than $500 in the last 5 years.
  • You are in compliance with the insurance and financial responsibility requirements for state-licensed contractors.

How Much Does It Cost to Grandfather a Contractor License?

The application fee in the state of Florida can range from $205 to $305, depending on when it’s submitted, which is payable to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. All in all, this fee is relatively inexpensive when weighed against all the costs associated with applying for a new statewide certified license. Grandfathering allows contractors to waive the state exam, which makes up a major portion of the license cost. You’ll save money by forgoing the purchase of books and exam fees, as well as saving the time that it would take you to study.

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