Business Incorporation Services

Did you know The License Company can help you realize the dream of incorporating your own business? For just $99 plus applicable state fees, we’ll handle the paperwork for you! Read more about how The License Company can handle your business incorporation and see if you qualify for up to a 50% discount!

What we do for you

We gather some basic information from you such as business name, address, ownership information, etc. We then take this information and determine the correct state application and additional items needed to incorporate your business. Many states have multiple applications which can be confusing. Our priority is to navigate the red tape so you can focus on the important stuff!

What we don’t do for you

We don’t provide legal advice. This means we can’t tell you whether an LLC, a Corporation, or a sole proprietorship is what’s best for your situation. We can’t recommend to you the best state in which to incorporate either. These are decisions for you to make based on your own business needs. If you’re uncertain, we recommend consulting an attorney or tax professional.

What you get

  • The business you’ve been waiting for!
  • A dedicated service team focused on your success!
  • Easy to access electronic copies of all state documents related to your incorporation.
  • Free preliminary business name check.

We don’t load you up with things you don’t need like the other guys. Just the basics you need to get incorporated in the state(s) of your choice. Contact us today and get your business started in as little as 2 business days!

What’s this about a business incorporation discount?

Do you also need a business license? Are you using our license application processing services to get that license? If so, you qualify for our discounted business incorporation cost of $50. You’ll receive everything mentioned above but for the lower cost as our thanks for utilizing our other services.

What to do next

Ready to go? So are we! Complete the short business incorporation application below and get started today.

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