Why Should You Register for ARC Accreditation?

The Airline Reporting Corporation (or ARC for short) is a company established in 1984 that regulates and handles transactions between airlines and US-based travel agencies. Today, ARC partners with almost 400 airlines to offer ticket transaction settlement services, accredit travel agencies, and provide access to aggregated air transaction data. So, what is ARC accreditation and what can it bring to your travel business? The License Company answers these questions and more below.

Issue Air Tickets

One of the most significant benefits of ARC accreditation is the ability to issue airline tickets. The process of flight reservation involves two stages, which are booking and ticketing. In order to issue air tickets, an individual must access one of the Global Distribution Systems or airlines, get flight information, and create a Passenger Name Record. However, airlines won’t allow just anyone to sell their seats without proper caution, so partnering with accredited agents basically guarantees airlines that they will get paid. With the proper ARC accreditation, you’ll be able to book tickets directly from airlines.

Recognition and Credibility

Once you get an ARC unique ID number, you are immediately included on the ARC’s Agency List. The Agency List is recognized by travel professionals throughout the industry. Since ARC accreditation is essentially a validation of your legal status and clean background, it is recognized as a sign of credibility for all your suppliers and other partners, thereby eliminating the need for additional checks, saving time and effort, and simplifying the collaboration.

Access to Data, Tools, and Events

Data collection and analytics are two of the main supports for business development. The ARC uses modern innovations in technology to gather travel data and offer a myriad of solutions to support travel agencies’ business intelligence, analytics, and reporting processes. With these tools at your disposal, you can monitor your own performance, compare it to that of your competitors, and stay up to date on industry trends. Plus, once you are involved with ARC, you can also take part in industry conferences, working groups, webinars, and other such events.

ARC’s Verified Travel Consultant (VTC) Program

There are many benefits to choosing the ARC’s VTC Program that are sure to help move your business forward. For example, as a certified VTC, travel agents receive an ARC number which signifies that an agency has gone through the standard vetting process. The ARC offers the VTC Program as a cheaper alternative in lieu of the full accreditation process, with the major difference being that you cannot issue airline tickets in-house with the VTC designation as you can with full ARC accreditation.

Registering for ARC accreditation (or the VTC Program) is sure to yield an immediate bevy of benefits to your travel agency. Any agency that wishes to issue airline tickets directly should obtain ARC accreditation to better serve their clients. Plus, startup agencies can benefit from the other tools available through the ARC. The License Company is here to help you get accredited with the ARC so that your travel agency can finally take flight!