Florida Registered Contractors License

Ready to get a Florida Registered Contractors License? Maybe you want to learn why it’s different from the certified license? Learn more about it’s cost, the differences between registered and certified, and how to get your license today.

What’s a Florida Registered Contractors License?

A registered contractors license in Florida allows you to pull permits for your license type. However, unlike the certified license type, it doesn’t allow you to work state-wide. For example: Let’s say you’re a registered building contractor in Hillsborough County. Now, let’s say you’re awarded a contract in Polk County. You would first need to contact Polk County to comply with their licensing requirements. This usually involves taking a test to demonstrate you have the knowledge and experience the project requires. Additionally, you may have to provide county and city specific construction license bonds.

What’s the difference between a certified license and a registered license?

The biggest difference between these two license types is passing the state exam. A Florida registered contractors license doesn’t require you to pass the state exam. In contrast, the certified contractors license requires you to pass the exam. However, the application process for both licenses is somewhat similar.

How do I apply for a registered contractors license in Florida?

The application process can be a little confusing to say the least. First, you must select the correct application. Second, you need to complete and submit it with the required state application fee. Lastly, you need to comply with all of the requirements such as fingerprinting, credit reporting, surety bonds, and others.

How much does it cost?

The registered contractor application is more expensive than the certified contractor application. Florida charges a higher fee to encourage those registered contractors to become certified contractors. Additionally, the state application fee also depends on when you submit the application. Generally, you should expect to pay $209-$309 for your state application fee. Please contact us to obtain your cost estimate depending on your business type and application form.

What types of registered contractor licenses are there?

You can find the numerous registered contractor license types below:

Air ConditioningBuilding
GeneralGlass & Glazing
Pollutant Storage SystemPool & Spa
Sheet MetalSolar
SpecialtyUnderground Utility &

Please note that your city may require a license for a trade not listed above. The listing above represents only those licenses which the state currently regulates. It’s subject to change as the Florida adds or removes certain licenses.

Can you help me get a Florida Registered Contractors License?

Yes! In fact, we do it all of the time! We help many contractors get their license each year. Additionally, we also help satisfy the application’s requirements. We prepare, complete, and submit the application on your behalf. This often results in getting a license faster and easier than going it alone! You can learn more about what we do here or, if you’re ready, apply online and start today!