When Will I Get My License?

When Will I Get My License?

When will I get my license???  Almost all of our clients want to know how long it takes to get licensed.  That’s why we’re going to talk about what impacts the timing of your license issuance.  Information gathering, state processing time, inspections, and other factors play a part in the time it takes to get your license.

Information Gathering

The information gathering phase is where we gather from you the required information for your license.  The type of information we gather often includes names, addresses, business locations, and other items required to complete your application.  Each license application is different and some require substantially more information than others.

This phase is important as it can affect the timing of your license issuance dramatically.  It’s important to gather and return the information we request as soon as possible.  It’s only after we complete this phase that we can submit your license application.  The longer it takes to complete this phase the longer it takes to get your license.

Processing Times

We submit your application to the appropriate licensing authority after we receive the required information.  However, each licensing authority needs to review and process your application.  This generally includes reviewing your application and any other required documentation.  The processing time depends on their workload at the time of your submission.  Some are processed the same day while others may take a few weeks.  Your license is usually available immediately after your application is approved.

Other Factors

Other factors also influence how fast you’ll get your license.  The number one reason for delays is missing or incorrect information on your application.  We depend on you to provide the correct information during the gathering phase.  We stress the important of your information’s accuracy because your application can’t be processed until it’s correct.  This means it will take you longer to get your license.

Inspections may also result in licensing delays.  Some licenses require a physical location with proper signage.  For example:  Florida car dealers are required to have a lot with mandatory signs placed around the property.  The lot must be inspected prior to the issuance of a license.  Any issues must be corrected before the state will issue the license.

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