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Why use a professional licensing company?

  1. Save Time and Money!

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What We Do

We make the licensing process easy and fast by doing the work for you.  This includes preparing, completing, and submitting your chosen application to the appropriate entity.  Additionally, we help you compile the necessary requirements for your applications such as state registrations, surety bond requirements, certificates of status, and others.  We then monitor your application’s status with the state and report back to you with the results.  Learn more by selecting one of our specific services below.

How much is your time worth?

We ask all of our clients this question because the licensing process is often confusing and time consuming.  The paperwork can be overflowing, misleading, and labor intensive.  In many cases, you might be working a current job, trying to incorporate a new business, or using your valuable time to accomplish some other important task.  Perhaps you’re an existing business looking to expand into other states and aren’t aware of the licensing requirements.  Regardless, your time equals money.  Each hour you spend on researching licensing requirements ultimately results in lost money to you and your business.  Let The License Company handle your licensing application and stop losing money today!