ARC Verified Travel Consultant

Are you looking for an easy way to get an ARC number? Did you know that the Airlines Reporting Corporation offers a much cheaper option than full accreditation? If not, read below and learn how you can easily obtain an ARC number by becoming an ARC Verified Travel Consultant.

What’s an ARC Verified Travel Consultant?

ARC offers is Verified Travel Consultant Program for those agents who don’t want to go through the full accreditation process. You’ll receive access to many of the same benefits as fully accredited members. This includes an ARC number, access to ARC products such as Agent’s Choice Program, and you’ll be listed on the ARC Agency List.

What’s the difference?

The primary difference is the cost which we’ll discuss below. However, another important difference is the ability to issue airline tickets directly. The ARC Verified Travel Consultant program doesn’t allow you to do so. Direct airline ticketing is an exclusive benefit of the ARC Accreditation process. You can find a quick FAQ of the differences here.

How much does it cost?

The program is much cheaper than the $2300 accreditation program and offers many of the same benefits. The ARC Verified Travel Consultant application fee is $195. This represents a tremendous savings if you don’t need to issue airline tickets directly. Additionally, you don’t have to provide the surety bond required by the accreditation process. This alone will save you an additional few hundred dollars depending on your credit score.

What are the ARC VTC program requirements?

Their are four main requirements of this program:

  • You must complete and submit the required application.
  • Your agency must be located or authorized to business within the United States.
  • You must review and understand the ARC VTC Agreement.
  • You must submit a $195 application fee.

There are a few more items which may be needed depending on where your business is incorporated. However, we can assist with these items as well should they be needed. For example: If your agency is located in a state which requires you to register as a seller of travel, then you’ll need to obtain that license.

Can you help me qualify as an ARC Verified Travel Consultant?

Yes! We help travel agencies around the world obtain their seller of travel licenses, ARC accreditation, and IATAN registrations just to name a few. We take you from start to finish by preparing your application, obtaining the required information, and submitting it to ARC. Additionally, we monitor the status of your application and help answer any questions along the way. Our fee to assist with your application is $299 in addition the $195 ARC VTC application fee.

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