TCRC Registration

Are you a travel agency located in California? Are you doing business with California residents? If so, you’ll want to learn more about the TCRC Registration process below.

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What’s the TCRC?

TCRC stands for Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation. They operate the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund. The fund pays claims made by California residents when a travel agency fails to provide services the consumer paid for. However, the agency must have completed the TCRC registration for consumers to make claims.

Who needs to go through the TCRC registration process?

Generally, all California travel agencies with a business location in the state should register. However, there are a few exceptions for airlines and cruise ship companies. Out of state agencies may also need to register if they operate a business location within California.

How long will the TCRC registration process take?

The good news is not long at all! In fact, we can process your TCRC registration the same day in most cases. Timing is especially important because it could delay your California Seller of Travel License approval.

How much does the registration cost?

Your initial TCRC assessment is $275 per business location. Additionally, each year thereafter a $10 per location fee will be charged. However, this is in lieu of the $275 initial assessment.

Does The License Company charge a fee to assist with my registration?

Yes, our fee is $199 in addition to the fees charged by the TCRC. However, we reduce this fee to $75 when we’re also assisting with your CA Seller of Travel License application. The two applications generally run hand-in-hand since one registration is a requirement of the other.

Can you help me with my registration?

Absolutely! We’ve helped many travel agencies register with the TCRC. Additionally, we’ve also helped them register with the State of California. Dual registration speeds up the seller of travel licensing process. This results in your agency being able to legally sell travel in California faster than going it alone. You can learn more about what we do or, if you’re ready, apply online for our application processing services today!

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