California Travel Agency License

Are you serious about registering as a California Seller of Travel? If so, we can help! We’ve put together a list of helpful information such as the licensing costs, application process, and more. Keep reading to learn more about getting your travel agency license.

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Do you need to register as a travel agent in California?

The answer is most likely yes if you’re offering travel services to California and/or to California residents. This is true if even if you don’t have a physical office located in the state. Please consult an attorney if you feel you do not need to register with California. Otherwise, why not be on the safe side and register with the state regardless? No one likes unexpected or, quite candidly, any fines or cease and desist orders.

What is a California Seller of Travel?

California has a very broad definition of a Seller of Travel. They state, “A Seller of Travel is any person or entity that sells, provides, furnishes, contracts for, arranges, or advertises that it can or may arrange, wholesale or retail travel.” They don’t leave a whole lot of guesswork as to who needs to register but there are a few exceptions. They are airlines, cruise ships, and hotels who arrange transportation but don’t receive money for providing it. Please consult Business and Professions Code Sections 17550.1 and 17550.20 for additional information on exceptions.

What does it cost to register?

The cost of your CA Seller of Travel registration varies depending on your business structure. In general, you should expect to pay $100 for each business location you have, regardless of the state it’s located in. Additionally, you’ll need to register with the California Secretary of State which can cost anywhere from $70-$100. Complete our California Seller of Travel Registration application to receive a more detailed cost breakdown.

Can you help with my California Seller of Travel Application?

Absolutely! The License Company has helped numerous clients receive their seller of travel registration. The registration process is often confusing and time consuming if you haven’t done it in the past. Do you need a DBA registration? Should you register with Secretary of State? Do I need a surety bond? How long does it take? We can help!

Our License Application Processing fee is $199. This is in addition to your state application fee, required corporate registrations, or other items such as bonds or insurance which may be needed. You can learn more about our services by visiting our FAQ.

Contact Information

Did you know the CA Department of Justice oversees travel agency registrations? It sounds scary but they’re great to work with once you get used to their requirements. Listed below is the contact information for the DOJ:

Seller of Travel Program
Office of the Attorney General
Department of Justice
300 South Spring Ste. Suite 1702
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1230

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