Licensing For Foreign Entities

Licensing for Foreign Entities

Licensing for foreign entities applies to two different classes of businesses.  For example:  Let’s say your business is located in Georgia and wants to do business in California.  This would be considered a foreign business registration.  Now let’s say your business is located in the UK and wants to do business in the United States.  This would also be a foreign registration and we’ll discuss each one in more detail below.

Foreign business registration

The License Company helps many US businesses register for a license in another state as a foreign entity.  The state in which you incorporate is often referred to as your home state.  Most states require you to register and/or get a license specific to that state prior to doing business outside in that state.  A good example is a travel agent whose home state is, for example, Ohio.  If that travel agent would solicit customers in Florida, they would need to register and be licensed as a travel agent in the state of Florida.  This holds true even if the travel agent doesn’t have a physical office in Florida.

Construction licensing is another great example of a license type which requires you to obtain a license in each state.  In some cases, you may qualify for a license in another state using what’s called reciprocity.  This term is used when one state honors the license issued in another state.  Reciprocity generally allows a license holder in one state to skip the exam required to obtain their license in another state.  However, state licensing fees, registration, and other items may be needed prior to getting a reciprocal license in each state.

Foreign business registration (outside of the US)

A business located outside of the US who wants to do business within the US is also considered a foreign entity.  The firm is typically required to register and become licensed in the states in which it conducts business.  Using the travel agency example mentioned above, let’s now say the travel agency is located in Argentina.  The agency would also need to register with and become licensed in the state of Florida if it solicits Florida residents for travel related services.  As you can see, non-US entities are subject to the same licensing requirements as those located in the US.

How we can help

Getting a license can be difficult.  Especially when it comes to a state or country in which you’re not familiar.  The License Company can help in a few different ways.  We can research the licenses you need and provide a summary of the license cost, process, and forms required.  We can also assist you with the license application process.  You can learn more about our services by visiting our home page and clicking on any of the links underneath the “What We Do” heading.