What Does It Cost?

How much does licensing cost?

Using The License Company to get your local, state, or federal license is inexpensive!  This is especially true when you consider the cost of your time.  Your focus should be on earning money instead of losing it by researching, applying, and verifying your license.  Our goal is to be completely transparent about our costs which is why we’ve outlined them below.  Let’s take a look at our pricing by type of service.

License Application Processing Cost

Our pricing for license application processing is $199 per license.  Visit our online application and receive a custom quote by clicking here!

License Research Cost

Our cost for license research begins at $90 per license.  This service is especially helpful if you’re looking to expand your business.  The expansion could be other states, counties, or even another country!  Our license research service provides you with the application forms, costs, and other important information about a specific license.  Once complete, you’ll have a great understanding of the costs and time associated with getting a license.

Want us to process your license applications after we provide your research results?  Ask your licensing representative how your research costs can be applied to your application processing costs!

License Verification Cost

Verify your license for only $50!  Do you already have a license?  Are you buying a business and want to see if the business license is still valid?  Do you have multiple licenses and want to ensure all are currently active?  Let The License Company verify those licenses for you!  For only $50 per license we’ll contact the licensing entity, verify your license or licenses, and report the results back to you.  The results include the license type, expiration date, and whether or not it’s current.