Washington State Travel Agent License

Are you selling travel to Washington residents? Did you know the Washington State requires a person to be licensed if they transact travel business with residents of the state? Did you know that you can be fined for not having the appropriate seller of travel license? Read more about the Washington Seller of Travel License below.

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Why do I need a license to sell travel in Washington?

We’ll try to summarize it instead of boring you with the details. Washington noticed that many of its citizens were suffering from unfair advertising and business practices from various travel agencies. They then decided the industry should be regulated to protect its residents from financial harm. Ultimately, they wanted to protect their citizens from being ripped off. So, they created rules for Sellers of Travel under Chapter 19.138 RCW.

How much does it cost to get a Washington Travel Agency License?

The cost of the license varies depending on your business structure and number of DBA’s being used (if any). In general, you should expect to pay about $221 in state fees on average. However, you may need other items such as a Washington Seller of Travel Bond which will vary in cost depending on the amount needed.

Can The License Company help me get my license?

Yes! Not only can we help but we can prepare, compile, and submit the information needed to apply for your license. We also assist you in satisfying the underlying obligations such as state registration, bonds, and other items so you don’t have to. You can learn more about what we do here. In short, we take you from your initial license application to final submission and then answer any additional questions which may arise from the state.

Are you serious about becoming a licensed travel agent in Washington State?

Congratulations! Getting licensed isn’t an easy decision to make but it’s better than receiving a cease and desist letter in the mail. Additionally, think about the comfort your clients will feel when they can look up your license online. They’ll know that you’re a licensed agent and have been vetted by the state.

All you need to do is complete our Washington Seller of Travel License application to start. This will give us most of the information needed for your state application. You can begin the process now by completing the application above.

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