Multiple Registrations for Travel Agencies

Are you looking to get your license in more than one state? Perhaps you want to register with IATAN and California, Florida, Hawaii, or Washington? Would you like to register with with all four states at once? If so, you came to the right place. Continue reading below to learn more about how we can help and the available multi-registration discount!

Why would I need to register my travel agency in one state if it was formed in another state which doesn’t require registration?

The first answer is state law. California, Florida, Hawaii, and Washington all require travel agencies to register with them prior to doing business in those states. This is true even if your physical business is located outside of those states. Most of those states go so far to say if you’re advertising to their citizens, regardless of your business location, you must register with those states as a travel agency. For example: Let’s say your business is located in Pennsylvania but you specialize in trips to Disney World. Florida’s Seller of Travel Laws indicate that you must register with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Again, this is regardless of your physical business location.

Which states require registration before doing business in those states?

The following states require you register as a seller of travel prior to doing business in those states and/or marketing to their citizens:

These states all have strict seller of travel laws which must be followed to avoid fines, fees, and other penalties.

What’s the benefit of registering with multiple states at the same time?

In addition to being legally compliant, there are several benefits to becoming licensed in multiple states at once. These benefits are:

  • We’ll discount our license application processing fees! That’s right. We offer discounted pricing when performing multiple state registrations at the same time.
  • You’ll avoid duplicate document fees. In most cases, each state puts a time limit on the documents required for registration. For example: Most states will require a certificate of good standing as a requirement for registration. However, some states allow this document to be no more than 90 days old. This means you may have to purchase the same document multiple times depending on your registration timing.
  • You’ll save time. State processing times vary by state and can often take up to 30 days. Allowing us to process all of your applications at once can reduce your time to licensure by up to 6 months depending on the registrations you seek!

Most travel agencies advertise throughout the United States which makes multi-state registration a great cost-saving option.

What about ARC and IATAN?

We also handle ARC and IATAN registrations which are very popular. We offer discounted pricing on our fees when combining one of these registrations with a state registration. Want to collect commissions from the travel industry? In most cases, you’ll be required to enter and IATAN number. Want to issue airline tickets directly from your office? That requires ARC Accreditation which is an intensive application process. Learn more by clicking on any of the links within this paragraph.

How much of a discount do I qualify for?

That depends on the number of registrations you seek! We start be determining the number of registrations you want us to perform. Then, we run an estimated total cost to determine the maximum available discount. In some cases, this has resulted in thousands of dollars in savings for our customers. Please reach out via chat, email, or phone to one of our licensing associates to discuss your custom quote. Please note we cannot offer discounts on state or third-party fees.