Florida Licensing

Are you an individual or business needing a professional license? Have you looked into the process and found it confusing? Learn more about how we can help with your Florida licensing. More often than not, you get licensed easier and faster than going it alone.

Learn more about Florida Licensing

Listed below are a few of the Florida licenses we can help you with. Don’t see yours listed? We’re adding new licenses all of the time. Reach out to us using the chat program below to see if we can help!

Florida License Types

Which state agency regulates Florida Licensing?

The answer depends on your license type. The DBPR or Department of Business and Professional Regulation handles most Florida licenses. However, many other departments control their own licensing process. For example: The FDACS controls agriculture and travel agent licensing. These different state agencies have their own forms and fees as well.

How do I know if I need a license?

There are a few ways to find out if you need a license. The first is to do a simple online search. Plug in your business type with “license” and look at the results. Secondly, you can call your local government or state agency. Ask them if your profession is regulated in Florida and they’ll gladly help. Lastly, you can review the list above. If you see it, then you can be sure it requires a license. However, please note the list above isn’t all inclusive.

Where do I find the application?

The good news is we have most of the state applications on file. As a result, we can complete and file your application quickly. Additionally, you can find numerous applications online. Finding the correct application can be an issue however. Most states have many different forms to choose from. In other words, going it alone can be confusing and cause delays.

How can you help me with the Florida licensing process?

As previously mentioned, the Florida licensing process can be confusing. Many of our clients contact us when they’re frustrated with the process. In addition, they may have already been denied a license. Or maybe they’ve received what’s called a deficiency. Regardless, our goal is to help you get licensed faster and easier than going it alone.

How much does it cost?

Our fee starts at $199 per license application depending on your license type. Please note this doesn’t include fees charged by Florida or third parties. Additionally, we offer secretary of state filings, DBA’s, and other helpful services. You can learn more about what we do by clicking here.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! As mentioned above, we strive to make the Florida licensing process simple. First, apply online here. Second, speak with one of our licensing associates. This helps determine your exact needs. Third, we complete and submit your application. Finally, we send your application to the state!

Have more questions?

Please use the chat feature below for a quick response. This is the fastest way to find your answer. Agent not available? Leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we return!